The aim of the game minigolf is to get a ball from the teeing-off area to the defined target (hole) in as few strokes as possible.

If a player does not reach the hole within 6 strokes, he records 7 strokes and continues to the next lane.

The lanes without a red line are played only from the teeing-off area.

On lanes with a red line the obstacle is considered overcome once the ball has crossed the red line. Then the ball is played after the obstacle, even if the ball crosses the red line backward.

If a ball leaves the lane before of the obstacle (the red line) the ball is always played from the teeig-off area. If a ball laves the lane after the obstacle the ball is played from the place where it left the lane. If a ball leaves the lane the penalty stroke is not counted.

If a ball is near the rim or an obstacle the player may move the ball to the nearest point on the black line.

Further explanation of the rules will be provided by the staff of the minigolf course.

Enjoy your game !

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